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Lamello Clamex P System -
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Lamello & Licom AlphaCAM, the fastes way to join your parts...

Regardless if you build interior constructions, kitchens, furniture, exhibition-stands or shop-fittings, everywhere you look you will find the Clamex P and Tenso P connector from Lamello:

Licom AlphaCAM brings all the benefit of the Lamello P System to your CNC machine. Developed together with Lamello, the AlphaCAM Macro can position the Lamello P connectors on the sides, but also very easy on free 3D planes of a part and is so unbeleavable flexible. On difficult parts the macro allows you -together with a contourtools from Leuco- a special 5-axes mode, which prevents you from buying an expensive aggregate for your 5-axes machine.

The Video below will show you the perfect and fast way you work with the Lamello Macro:


The following Video shows you the Lamello Macro in multiplane and 5-axes on a machine:


The Lamello Macro you receive free of charge and it can be used with the AlphaCAM Release 2014 R1 or above.

The Macro can be downloaded from the following page:

Lamello Macro in English